Reseller Program

Join our Reseller Program and make some extra money
Become our Reseller Partner, help your friends and other individuals prepare for their certification exams, and make some extra money.

How Does the Reseller Program Work?

How does the Reseller Program work?

You should go through 2 easy steps:
1. You give your individual promo code to your friends or other individuals.
2. You get a commission if your promo code was used during a purchase.

Result: The more your promo code has been used, the more money you will get.

Is the Reseller Program free to join?

Absolutely yes! No payments, no fees, no recommendations. We will pay, not you.

What will you do as a Reseller Partner?

Our Reseller Program is not a full-time job, it's just a hobby that can bring you money. You can spend on reselling as much time as you want or can.

How much can you earn as a Reseller Partner?

Your income depends on you. If you resell a lot, you earn a lot. 

What is the commissions structure?

We offer 20% commission for every sale.

How you will get paid?

The payment will be made either via PayPal or bank wire.

Is the Reseller Program available in all countries?

Yes, it is. Our Reseller Program is available worldwide: no boundaries and no restrictions.

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